Ace of Wands


The wands are an adventurous, outgoing, hard working physical suit.  Like all aces, the Ace of Wands beckons a new beginning or opportunity.  The card is filled with elemental energy and literally bursts forth, as small leaves fly off in all directions on account of its intensity.  The Ace of Wands is an inspirational card, reflective of its dynamic energy, signifying eagerness, strength, vitality and optimism.  The card sparks fiery creation, initiative, sexual energy and a passion for life.  

In a reading, the card most often reflects the initiation of a new job or creative opportunity.  When the Ace of Wands presents itself there is a feeling of excitement on account of its dynamic potential.  But ill-defined and the Ace of Wands can signify uncontrolled and overflowing energy going into all the wrong places, such as sex or work.  In this context, the energy of the card needs to be channelled into pursuits that will maximise all the potential that it has to offer.  Containing the energy and channelling it into a creative or professional focus will direct its stream towards growth and success.  



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