Ace of Pentacles & Ace of Swords



Bearing in mind the pentacle symbolises a talisman or magical object, the Ace of Pentacles is a highly auspicious card signifying a potent new beginning or opportunity.  This could be a new financial beginning that provides a lump sum of money, such as an inheritance or a financial deposit for a new home.  The material nature of the Ace of Pentacles, combined with its magical quality, offers a new opportunity that will enrich our lives deeply over a long period of time.  Such opportunities don’t happen often but when they do, they change our lives for the better, beckoning an optimistic era.

There are lilies in the field alongside the path as it leads to a gate, reminding us that the physical and practical nature of our lives is still connected to the spiritual dimension.  The Ace of Pentacles is one of the few gateway cards found in the suits.  Along the hedge is a gateway opening to a backdrop of mountains, once again pointing to the auspicious nature of the card, signifying a practical new beginning that will lead to a deeper spiritual understanding of our existence.



 The swords belong to the element of air, which is closest to spirit.  Just as air constantly moves, the mind never stops thinking, be it calmly or violently.  The main issue for the swords is that the thoughts are ungrounded in isolation.  The mind can see so many possibilities or sides to a situation that it becomes impossible to find the true understanding, which hinders necessary action. 

The Ace of Swords signifies a new beginning or opportunity based on truthful perception.   In order to move forward there needs to be a clear understanding of the facts and the Ace of Sword does this powerfully, concisely and in light of truth.   There is no doubt in this card, in fact it is clinical and sometimes ruthless, born of pure understanding.  The Ace of Swords allows us to cut away from our past in a way where we can leave doubt behind, because our perception has a firm and truthful grasp of what we must do to start afresh.



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