The Suit of Wands Tarot is represented by the element of fire.  Wands reflect our innate vitality, ego, spirituality and intuition.  The suit has an affinity to the spiritual level of consciousness and is associated with  adventure, inspiration, creativity and enthusiasm.  The Wands are an active suit seeking to unfold creative opportunity to its fullest.  Characteristic is ambition with a drive to achieve, commonly reflected in our academic and professional pursuits, but also in any area of life where we can succeed or win.   

Wands people are energetic, pioneering and goal orientated, they love to be challenged and search for growth. They can also be impulsive, overly responsible and domineering.  Wands also reflect competitiveness, expansion and the fruits of labour, as well as impatience, exhaustion and burden. 


  • New fire opportunity sparking into action – dynamic, creative and exciting

  • Most often a new job opportunity

  • Energetic card signifying a new beginning filled with physical vitality and strength

  • A burst of energy

  • Energy sustaining endurance

  • Inspirational ideas

  • Eagerness to begin something new

  • This is a sexual card signifying an outlet for passion

  • Creative vision


  • Card of perspective, holds an elevated and expansive view

  • Perspective leading to clear vision and planning

  • Widening your perspective – worldly view

  • Stuck and unable to understand how to proceed from present work related situation to a completely new career focus

  • Worldly view

  • Isolated and alone, need to be engaged by activity and challenges

  • Feeling walled in or limited by your current success

  • Boredom, the need to expand and unfold further success



  • Enterprise – bolding going where no one else has gone before

  • Expanding work or business related activities offshore/overseas

  • Expanding your perspective about life through action and experience

  • Exploration and seeking new adventures - impulse

  • A new journey – the need for a challenge both in professional and personal life

  • Fulfilment through discovery of the self and the world

  • Growth through expansion, whether business or personal

  • Trader card – offshore return

  • Success through networking in business and work

  • Card of action – Plans have been put into action and work or business has been successfully expanded



  • Celebration of achievement and results that are accomplished in the workplace

  • Happiness and optimism in relation to stability, security and achievements

  • Time out in recognition of hard work and achievemen

  • Security derived from your achievements in work and business

  • Cohesiveness with other people in relation to your achievements and in the home

  • Wands frame a house/castle, implying domesticity

  • Domestic harmony

  • Often points to a house or can be a situation in the home

  • Bricks and motor

  • Festivity within the home


  • Competition and competitiveness

  • Translating problems into competition

  • Rising to the challenge of a competition or battle

  • Stimulated by activity of any challenge

  • Healthy struggle, challenge or competition, often in the workplace but can be with anyone

  • One step forward and two steps back

  • Challenges or battles that become a negative or counterproductivewhere there is no solution

  • Setbacks that force you to engage in the processes that they represent

  • Other people getting in the way of what you wish to achieve


  • Accomplishment

  • Success in work

  • Victory

  • Successful outcomesSix marks a turning point in positivity from the more challenged end of the deck

  • Crowned hero ……who has yet to reach his destination but is assuming success

  • Success with a new work position, or of a pending application

  • Recognition of successful accomplishments particularly by your peers

  • Centre of attention

  • A job well done


  • Clambering for position

  • Defending yourself

  • Under attack from others

  • Struggling from opposition but expecting to win

  • Struggling to keep on top of a lot of work

  • Defiance to succeed

  • Maintaining advantage with extraordinary effort, can’t endure this for too long

  • Transition from one area of work to another, usually linking to a more advantageous position

  • Transition from one geographical location to another, often moving over a body of water or a short distance


  • Messages about to be recieved - usually good news

  • Messages from spirit = Fire

  • Fire = Swiftness and movement

  • Great change in circumstances - happens quickly

  • Progress through swift action – assertive and dart-like, this is a focussed card

  • Everything seems up in the air – waiting for touch down

  • Not feeling grounded or secure about direction

  • Waiting for everything to fall into place


  • Facing opposition from others and from life

  • Wands behind him show the problems looming over him

  • Overwhelming burden

  • Obstacles and problems grow too great to hold back with available strength

  • Feeling vulnerable and worn down, both physically and circumstantially

  • Questioning whether to fight on

  • Developing strength in readiness to fight back on problems that loom over you

  • Protecting what you have

  • Standing up for what is right

  • If it's worth fighting for - persistence and perseverance required


  • Oppressed by life and responsibility

  • Taking on the challenge without thinking about it

  • Often a job that has too many responsibilities

  • Taking on the burden

  • Constant battle

  • Bogged down in a situation where you can’t see the wood for the trees

  • Fire energy acts without thinking and takes on problems simply for the challenge

  • Blocked thinking

  • Resigned to be a work horse

  • Taking on a challenge that is initially overwhelming but with much hard work can be successfully achieved


  • Adventurous

  • Intelligent and charming

  • Outgoing

  • Restless

  • Itchy feet to do something new

  • Sights are set on conquering new horizons

  • Can represent a messenger, message or information in relation to a project

  • New career direction, often guaranteed to succeed

  • Desire to see the world and faraway places

  • Far reaching ideas

  • Creative potential


  • Youthful, very attractive and full of energy

  • Potential for great achievement

  • The most adventurous court card – needs change and challenge constantly

  • Extremely restless, a need for a project to channel eagerness

  • Sexual promiscuity – Fire energy – needs new adventures

  • Activity and movement relating to new projects

  • Movement, moving and relocations

  • New adventures, often travel

  • Immigration

  • New and cutting edge ideas

  • Eagerness to prove yourself in a project

  • Asserting yourself confidently to achieve results

  • Career or job taking off, heading in a positive direction


  • Honest and sincere, seeing no purpose in deceit or nastiness

  • Not always faithful, enjoys adventure

  • Confident and capable

  • Ability to endure, has tireless energy to rule her own world with no need for a strong shoulder to lean on

  • Strong willed

  • Industrious

  • Requires a high degree of independence in work and business, not happy to overcommit to responsibility as it restricts free movement

  • Adventurous and active, likes to explore the world freely and independently

  • Requires a creative outlet, otherwise becomes too restricted

  • Responsible but sees no sense in complete power, dominance and control

  • Trustworthy in business and projects


  • Positive and optimistic

  • Fiery enthusiasm makes for a true leader

  • Dominant and demanding , knows how to get the best from people and situations

  • Always right, can be a bad loser

  • Controlled energy turned into useful projects, business or long term careers

  • Leadership in business and workplace

  • Professionally adventurous – can be an industry trail blazer

  • Upholds high professional standards and expects the best

  • Naturally honest, sees no value in lies – holds a professional attitude

  • Reaching the pinnacle in business and career

  • Unable to explore new adventures due to all-encompassing responsibilities



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