4 of Wands


The individuals in the 4 of wands are liberated from the walled city, which sits squarely behind them.  The sun shines brightly as people are released from their responsibilities.   There is a festive flavour as people move about and dance, whilst those to the left of the card talk freely and socialise. 

This celebration comes after a long period of hard work, establishing a foundation of stability and security.  The 4 of wands signifies a time to recognise professional achievements and the fruits of labour.  Bricks and mortar and home and property are a strong feature of the 4 of wands, conveying a message of domestic harmony and stability, but also of working hard to secure a home or house.  

In a Reading = celebration, solidity, confidence, released momentarily from responsibility, taking pride in your achievements, optimism, stability, cohesiveness, home, domestic harmony, property (literally your house/home) or bricks and mortar

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