Tarot Cards of Angels


The Lovers represents duality and Archangel Raphael represents the uniting principle, merging male and female into oneness. It is in a momentary state of sexual climax where two individuals let go and experience a state of bliss likened to a state of liberation, oneness or closeness to God. Raphael also represents our potential to raise awareness of ourselves and our spiritual place in the world through through the joint efforts and learning of a relationship. One of the key meanings of The Lovers is our ability to discern and make choices and Raphael symbolises choices which work towards enlightened outcomes.

Patron Angel of healing, the blind, travel, meetings, nurses, physicians and medical workers.




Duality takes form once again in Temperance with two separate cups being poured into each other from seemingly impossible angles. Temperance represents the nature of moderation, mixing and combining. Archangel Gabriel represents messages and communication and his messages were said to relate to blending spiritual with the earthly, or spiritually infused matter. In Temperance, Gabriel is combining different sides of life that appear hopelessly alien to each other, a process of mixing disparate elements together, blending activities and feelings and achieving a sense of harmony and peace. By patiently mastering the ability to go with the flow of life and taking each moment as it comes, we can therefore attenuate a spiritual presence.

Patron Angel of communication and communications professionals, such as journalists, writers, postal workers and artists, all of whom have messages to share.



Archangel Uriel’s name means fire of God, or light of God, or God is light, which symbolises illumination, wisdom and truth. In the context of The Devil, a card which is bound by darkness, limitations, narrow materialistic views and an inability to see the truth, Uriel’s powerful symbolism can be seen to liberate us from suffering, casting light on illusions which enslave us. Uriel is an “Angel of the Earth”, keeper of its depths and its alchemical properties. He is seen as Patron of Ecology, combining the darkness and light and the inter-relationship of all life on our Earth.

Patron Angel of ecology, arts and sciences, and for those making confirmation in the Anglican church.



Archangel Michael is warrior and defender of all whom are in need of protection. He represents righteousness, mercy and justice, and is also said to offer healing and support at times of important change. In the context of Judgement, Michael is seen when there is a call to rise to a more meaningful existence. Judgement symbolises integrity and truthful recognition of circumstance and past experiences, and the bearing these have on our future. The card arises when there is a push or call from within that forces us to make a great change, raising important questions which must be reconciled with truth, integrity and honour.

Patron Angel to mountaineers and paratroopers, defender to all who need protection especially police, mothers, soldiers and their children.


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