Tarot Cards of Education, Study & Learning



The Page of Pentacles represents a person who is fascinated by how things work, symbolised by the intent focus on the raised pentacle.   In a reading the card often points to academic learning, usually a formal course of study relating to career objectives or current employment. This could be a certified short course, diploma, degree or post graduate course of study.  All Pages reflect new beginnings and opportunities but Pentacles also reflect money, so in this context the the card symbolises a study opportunity that will result in raised financial earnings on completion.  From a practical point of view the Page of Pentacles sheds light on fine detail, indicating a grounded and studious period focussed on facts and figures and resulting in successful academic achievement.


The 3 of Pentacles reflects on the job learning and training, symbolised by one of the men working and using tools as two others looking on closely. The 3 of Pentacles can point to job training associated with apprenticeship schemes in any field, as well as work experience coupled with study and education. The card signifies an employment opportunity which will be grounded in hands on learning and with the support of associated professionals in the field and workplace.




The 9 of Pentacles represents the professional and creative development of something that expresses your true learning potential.  This usually relates to the development of latent, fertile talents which will allow you to break away from expectations, resulting in independence. The 9 of Pentacles does signify refinement and so in the context of education, study and learning it can point to the development of creative and artistic expression. Once again the Pentacles are financially focused and coupled with the fertile talent of the card, there is a potential opportunity to manifest financial wealth from hidden or unformed potential.


The Magician is a conjurer, manifesting success by directing will power with strength towards a unified goal. The Magician is a Shaman and a Wizard and communes with higher powers, channeling wisdom and energy to ignite and guide the spiritual paths of others. In this context he can be an unorthodox mentor and teacher, providing specialised knowledge, information and practices to liberate us from the chains of conformity, freeing us to see our full potential and attuning us to a path of purpose. The Magician often points to unorthodox areas of study such as complementary therapies and intuitive and psychic work, as well as progressive academic subjects such as psychotherapy or counselling.




The Hierophant symbolises academic institutions, such as schools and universities. The nature of the card is one of conformity to rules, ideas and beliefs. The Hierophant upholds traditional values and practices, so in the context of study and learning it often points to areas such as law, medicine or accounting. However, the Hierophant also embodies religion and can represent religious and spiritual study, education and learning. Often the card will reflect the wisdom of a particular tradition, or an initiation into a particular church, occult or order of society where a set of beliefs must be learnt before gaining entrance. The Pope in the card reflects a specific individual such as a teacher, mentor or lecturer, as well as a spiritual teacher, preacher or guru.



The Hermit is associated with solitude, self reflection and self realisation, which in part relates to a withdrawal from the outer world for the purpose of activating the unconscious mind. This monastical and solitary approach to study is supported by well established teachings and techniques focussing on meditation, psychic discipline and analysis. However, this is a journey that can naturally arise within anyone at any time and the process may take individual form but will always orientate around solitude, meditation and self reflection. The Hermit symbolises maturity and knowledge of the true self and can represent a guru, religious or occult teacher whom sparks a spiritual quest and whom provides guidance to raise and evolve our spiritual awareness. In this context, the Hermit can also be a guiding inner voice or psychic guide imparting wisdom and knowledge to realise the true self.


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