Tarot Cards of Health & Healing



Strength can point to the psychological or spiritual strength needed to endure a certain health problem.  It also reflects the strength to confront certain issues relating to our health. For example, what are the causative factors and obstacles to cure? Does your lifestyle need to be changed? What are you eating and drinking? Are you in a toxic relationship? Are you living in a toxic environment?  

If we choose to ignore fundamental issues that affect our health, then it might get worse. But if courageously face our health issues at the root cause, we are on the road to recovery.



Temperance indicates improved health after a major health crisis. It can also indicate the need of a healer to aid recovery, which could be via a conventional or natural approach.  The card requires a peaceful approach to health focussed on moderation and balance.  Time to be gentle, don't go too hard and fast with anything, after all you've just been through a challenging period that must be rebalanced.  Further healing is needed but recovery is near.



Another card indicating healing after a major health crisis, but with a greater degree of vulnerability. The woman in The Star stands naked and unprotected, symbolising great susceptibility to a relapse or possible deterioration of health. Great care must be taken, but health can strengthened by focussing on inner calm, peace and healing through meditation and mindfulness. Keeping a positive outlook and accepting where you are with your health can be healing in itself.  The card can also indicate the need to cleanse mental, physical and spiritual toxicity to promote health.  



The 5 of Pentacles depicts to poor health, vulnerability and social alienation. The individuals are in the midst of a crisis, out on the street without any support or means to find shelter and warmth.  The light of a church window shines over them and this can refer to support from community or government health and welfare resources, as well as the church. The two people also have each other , indicative to collaborative health support from groups who share from in the same suffering or health problems.           



The 4 of Wands symbolises a state of recovery or the need for rest and recuperation.  The Swords as a suit relates to the psychological challenges we experience through pain, anger and destruction in life.  In the context of health, it may be important to let go of any issues that cloud the mind so that we can heal and regain strength.  Rest allows us to regenerate and stillness grounds the body and spirit to promote healing and clarity.  

  • Rest and recuperation

  • Allowing quietness to promote healing and clarity



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