Tarot Cards of Motherhood, Pregnancy and Children



The Empress symbolises the mother in Tarot, a woman who is fertile and receptive. She is also sensual and passionate, symbolised by a heart shaped shield bearing the sign of Venus. The card represents abundance, productivity and growth.  In the context of children, the Empress represents maternal instincts, fertility and pregnancy.  Nurturing is key to the card, love flows unconditionally from the Empress, as she channels her energy into the growth of the child, supported by gentleness and domesticity. 

In a reading the the Empress indicates mother, motherhood, maternal instincts, fertility and pregnancy.  Importantly, the Empress is a fertile card indicating the potential to fall pregnant or to have many children.



The Queen of Pentacles card is filled with fertility references… blossoming garlands with flowers and fruit, lush farming fields, not to mention a rabbit.  The material nature of the pentacles indicates the Queen has children, a symbolic pentacle nurtured in her lap. 

The card is focussed on the creation of material security to support children and family.  The Queen is a strong and capable woman with an intelligent understanding of the material world, attaining necessary resources to provide a secure and comfortable life for her child to grow. 

The card can indicate a healthy and prosperous upbringing for a child, or of a situation where a material focus is needed in order to give a strong foundation for the life of a child.



The Sun is a card of joy, happiness and success, all of which are associated with the birth of a child.  Childbirth is signified by a red robe flying off the child as it rides on the horse, an energetic burst of freedom and liberation from restriction.  The sunflowers in the background and flowers in the child's hair celebrate longevity, good luck and light.  The Childs experience is centred on learning and enlightenment, bringing light from the darkness of life, hence the association with the Sun.  The wall holding the bed of sunflowers signifies the stability of a society based on family values. 

In a reading the card can mean a healthy birth or the good health of a child.  



The Page of Cups is commonly associated with a new love or romantic interest but the idea of the card is centred on naivety, youthfulness and creation.  In a reading the card can represent a child or your own child and it is also very often the sibling of another child. 





The 6 of Cups is a nostalgic card, reminiscing upon childhood memories filtered through the eyes of childhood innocence.  But on closer inspection of the card, things may not be as as they first appear.  A man walks away from the children with a stake in his hand...  What is he up to?  Are the children safe?  What is really going on in the background?  This card is innocent, but tinged with mistrust.

Children are often protected from the harsh realities of life and as adults we reflect on our childhood through the eyes of what was in fact a sheltered innocence. In the context of children, we can’t always protect them from everything and sometimes they need to experience the world as it really is so that they can grow.

In a reading, the card can mean friends from your childhood, or could be that children close to you must be watched over.



The 10 of Cups reflects joy and happiness from within the family unit. Powerful experiences based on love, support and growth make important memories and generate harmony and cohesion amongst family members. These experiences strengthen our bonds with family and outline its inherent purpose of support. But this support isn’t limited to our immediate family.

The 10 of Cups can also indicate our ancestral heritage. By connecting to our ancestors we can learn, heal and celebrate our lineage by embracing or liberating behavioural patterns passed down from generation to generation. 

In a reading, the 10 of Cups indicates a long and happy period within family. It can also indicate a happy outcome for the family, particularly after difficult times or even a family feud.


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