The Wheel expands our awareness and understanding of a much a broader universal truth and signifies events and circumstances unfolding.  It represents fate or destiny beyond our control and understanding.  For example, how is that one person is born into royalty, whereas another person becomes just a commoner?   

The World and the Wheel of Fortune have a similar layout, including its mythological animals in the corners.  The Wheel being a halfway point in the Major Arcana provides us with a vision of an inner meaning of life. 

The turning Wheel signifies karma, leading to reincarnation in one body after another.  Buddha ended his desires and got off the wheel.  The action we take in one life builds up a certain destiny for us in the next.  The Wheel provides us with a glimpse of a much greater universal process, understanding the nature of this truth empowers us to makes choices so that we can work with  events and circumstances to the best of our ability.  

The Wheel can represent a random change of circumstances that are unexplainable or out of the blue, a turn for the better or for the worse.  Not only does the Wheel have the power to shape events, it gives life and forms purpose in the universe.  Inevitably the Wheel keeps on turning, and so our circumstances change along with it.  How we deal with what it brings up, is the key to getting off the Wheel. 

In a reading = Change of circumstances, everything happens for a reason, completion of a cycle and beginning of another, luck, gamble, chance, fate, destiny, karma, turn for the better, working with circumstances and events to the best of your ability.


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