Tarot Cards of Success & Failure



The King of Pentacles indicates the ultimate material success.  The card reflects abundance to the point where it is simply overflowing, providing the opportunity to live a secure life of luxury.  The King of Pentacles on its own may seem a little over the top, in that he shows us that he has more than he practically needs.  However, this excess provides him with the opportunity to spread his wealth through philanthropic activities and charitable causes.  In this context the King of Pentacles provides the opportunity for holistic success because this generated wealth can transform lives of individuals, the community and society for the greater good. 

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The meaning of success in relation to The World is multifaceted because it holistically covers our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual purpose.  The very idea of The World is one of enlightenment, meaning that we have successfully grasped a holistic understanding of who we are in relation to what we are doing at any given time, which in turn brings about a sense purpose and oneness.  If the world appears in the outcome of any reading it is sure to mean that the answer to the querent's enquiry will be one of holistic success, purpose and fulfilment. This idea can pertain to anything, whether it be love or something more material. 

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The horseman rides tall and triumphantly amongst the crowd and his wreath on signifies success and completion.  The overall thrust of the card is one victory, recognition and heightened status amongst your peers as a result of your success.  The 6 of Wands achieves success in a number of different ways but it is most often experienced through the work and study.  In a reading the card can indicate a successful job application or completion of a project or goal in the study and workplace. Either way it always generates wider acknowledgment of your achievement through peers and professionals in your area of expertise.  



The King of Wands, like the other Kings, is successful in that he has reached the height of rule.  In the modern sense, the King represents a career professional who is born to lead and is motivated by success.  In this context the he is driven to be the best in his efforts to reach the pinnacle of his career.  He is a superior leader who fuels others to work hard and efficiently in order to unfold his personal vision in work or business.  The King of Wands is incredibly wise in business matter and therefore very strategic, this is coupled with unstoppable energy which he masterfully channels towards his goals.  The King knows how to generate the required momentum to be successful, an innate understanding of power and planning which is motivated by a desire to be challenged. 





The Chariot manifests success through pure will.  Once the Charioteers mind has been set there is nothing stoping him from achieving his goal, he is literally driven without distraction towards achievement. The idea of The Chariot is mental fixity, nothing deflects his focus and therefore nothing can deter him from achieving his goals.  The Chariot is a card of triumph, stemming from the fact he has no question of doubt.  There are times where we simply need to get on with it, there 's no point in thinking about the what if's because it leads to procrastination or self doubt.  

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The 10 of Pentacles reflects institutionalised success in family and society.  This can be seen where families have accumulated wealth over generations and it has then been handed down from one to the next.  However, this kind of success often comes at a price because in order to inherit such wealth, one must always play by a certain set of rules.  A great deal of personal sacrifice must be made to satisfy those who are in control of such wealth, more often than not the powerful influence of those who are in control of the purse strings will force future those who stand to inherit to act in a certain way.  Despite this sacrifice, it offers an opportunity to derive success at a very different level, providing enormous influence and opening many doors.  

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The 5 of Swords most often indicates defeat at the hands of an aggressor.  We all experience such an attack in our personal and professional lives at some point and this kind of invasive attempt to control or manipulate us mentally, emotionally or physically can be difficult to deal with.  On the other hand we have all been the aggressor in some form, defeating our own ability to rise above a situation, instead using our power to get what we want. Either way, the 5 of Swords indicates failure, in the sense that the situation has deteriorated beyond the hope of reconciliation and we are forced to admit defeat, or that we have failed to credibly rise above certain circumstances and instead spiralled negatively out of control. 

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The 2 of Swords reflects our failure to confront difficult issues or circumstances, either because we don't want to look at them, or because we refuse to do so.  More often than not this relates to a process within us which requires self reflection.  However fear, stubbornness or denial inhibits us from facing how it is that we are implicated in these difficult and unfavourable circumstances.  This refusal leads to a total failure in that we cannot or will not accept responsibly to face things so that we can effectively implement change, resolve the situation and evolve.  In this respect we have chosen to defeat ourselves and will endeavour to bury any evidence that would force us to acknowledge that it ever happened. 


The 5 of Pentacles indicates failure on three important levels. Firstly the failure of our circumstances, where we are now unable to provide for ourselves in way that allows us to flourish. The card visibly shows two individuals who are down on their luck and unable to get a break so that they can succeed in life. For example, this could be someone who has lost their job or fallen ill and cannot pay the rent. However the card also indicates failure of the wider community or society to provide what is needed for those who face such circumstances. They are alone and left out in the cold.  But there is also an important spiritual aspect, where the individuals are experiencing difficult times as they walk past the warm glow of a church lit window. This image reflects a time where we fail to recognise that no matter how difficult our circumstances, there is always a spiritual purpose that anchors our suffering, offering us hope and guiding us towards the light. 



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