Tarot Cards of Health & Healing

Health and vitality are at the core of our daily existence, without good health and wellbeing we simply become vulnerable and so unsurprisingly we find there there are many tarot cards in the major and minor arcana that depict these various states of susceptability. 



The health of Strength can be interpreted in various ways, whether it be the psychological or spiritual strength to face difficult situations in life, or the physical strength required to endure health conditions we experience.   Strength shows us that we must have the courage and rise up to confront any issues relating to our health.  If we chose to ignore them they could get worse, but if we draw from inner strength we can overcome our perceptions of fear and raise this energy to deal with the situation and promote true healing. 

  • Facing and dealing with health issues constructively 
  • Drawing up inner energy to promote heal




Following on from the Death card, Temperance indicates healing and vitality rising up after a major health crisis.  The card requires a peaceful and moderate approach to health.  Time to be gentle, no more resistance, after all we've just been through a tumultuous period that must now be rebalanced.  Temperance will often indicate improved health after a health crisis, or of the need for the assistance of a healer to aid recovery, which could either be through conventional or natural modalities. 

  • Healing after a health crisis
  • Indicative of a healer, conventional or natural 



Not unlike Temperance, The Star follows on from yet another turbulent card, The Tower.  The violent force of the The Tower paves the way for further healing and The Star helps to provide stability after such a storm.  In the context of health, the woman in The Star stands naked with no resistance, symbolising great vulnerability or susceptibility in health.  However this lack of resistance can be strengthened by inner calm, peace and letting go, expressed by a positive mindset, mantra or focused meditative state.  Letting go can also be seen in the context of cleansing the physical and spiritual bodies to raise our healing energy.  

  • Physically vulnerable
  • Healing after a health crisis
  • Need for inner peace and calm, and to cleanse toxicity, whether physically, psychological or spiritual 



The 5 of Pentacles depicts the both physical and social ailments of two individuals.  Both individuals are physically vulnerable and are unable to access the warm embrace of the church (the state). The Pentacles as a suite is focussed on money, finance and material security.  In this context, we risk becoming vulnerable if we don't take responsibility for what can go wrong in life, after all the system doesn't always provide us with help.  The 5 of Pentacles indicates a collaborative effort, finding support from those who understand and share in our suffering, but it also reminds us that in times of health and vitality, we should prepare practically for a potential future crisis. 

  • Material vulnerability in a health crisis
  • Practical preparation for the worst in times of good health



The 4 of Wands indicates a passive and receptive state asking us to stop, pause or meditate.  In reference to health, it symbolises a state of recovery, of low energy and of the need for rest and recuperation.  The Swords as a suite relate to the psychological challenges we experience through pain, anger and destruction in life.  In the context of health, it is important to let go of any issues that cloud the mind so that we can heal and regain strength.  Rest allows us to regenerate and this stillness grounds the body and spirit to promote healing and clarity.  

  • The need for rest and recuperation 
  • Allowing quietness to promote healing and clarity


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