Tarot Cards of Money, Finance & Prosperity

Ace of Pentacles


Bearing in mind the  pentacle symbolises a talisman or magical object, the Ace of Pentacles is a highly auspicious card signifying a potent new financial beginning or opportunity.  This could be a lump sum of money such as an inheritance or a financial deposit for a new home.  The material nature of the Ace of Pentacles, combined with its magical quality, offers a new opportunity that will enrich our lives deeply over a long period of time.  Such opportunities don’t happen often but when they do happen they offer fruitful potential.

2 of Pentacles


The 2 of Pentacles forms the infinity sign of a number 8 around the two pentacles, symbolising amplified potential through balance and diversification.  The card can represent maximised potential through the diversification of  financial interests.  Often it indicates more than one financial opportunity which will provide a beneficial return, so we need to look at each carefully and consider diversifying our interests.  On a more mundane level it can also represent the need to balance finances, or where we are simply robbing Peter to pay Paul by using one amount to pay off another.  Whenever the card comes up in a reading it should be noted due to an amplified financial potential.  

4 of Pentacles


The 4 of Pentacles represents financial consolidation.  The card can call for us to analyse our finances and establish a more centralised position in order to minimise risk.  It can also represent consolidating finances into assets which carry low risk, something solid like bricks and mortar.  There is a strong focus on financial protection in this card, the man in the card is drawing the Pentacles close to him,  symbolising carefulness in relation to material assets and wealth.  Depending on the context of the reading, the card can also represent material selfishness and a need to let go of money or to share wealth. 

7 of Pentacles 


The 7 of Pentacles indicates an accumulation of savings or assets, it could also represent a financial portfolio.  The man in the card looks back at what he has worked hard to achieve and gives this careful consideration.  After so much accumulated growth in the one area it is time to take out some of the capital in order to reinvest into a new venture, symbolised by the single pentacle to the right.  This could also signify the opportunity or need to release equity from a home, business or savings in order to get ahead or expand business and financial interests.

10 of Pentacles


The 10 of Pentacles indicates established wealth, rather than a financial opportunity or return. This card often signifies old money tied up in family wealth or through conservative contacts.  In order to tap this wealth you must be related or well connected to those who hold the purse strings.  Money coming from such sources always has strings attached.  In order to access this wealth you must comply with the strict moral code of those who are in control of the resources, so there will always be a price to pay.  The card can also represent community wealth, or our ability to resource finances contractually from a bank or building society. 

Page of Pentacles


The Page of Pentacles represents a new financial opportunity with a small sum of money.  The Pages are youthful and somewhat unreliable in character, therefore the financial potential they represent carries a much higher degree of risk.  If the Page of Pentacles lies in the outcome of a reading, it will signify a small financial success, perhaps requiring us to reinvest this capital back into our investment in order to promote it further.  The Page of Pentacles also represents learning through facts and figures, symbolising  financial planning and contracts. 

Knight of Pentacles


The Knight of Pentacles symbolises routine, predictability and slow financial gain that will build over a long period of time.  It won't provide a quick financial return but it will establish a strong, reliable and very bankable investment opportunity for the long term future.  The Knight is looking out beyond the single Pentacle in front of him, his horse stands solidly on all fours reflecting his ability to provide dependable long term financial forecasting.  The rewards of this card are moderate but stable, minimising risk and producing reliable long term investment potential.  

Queen of Pentacles


The Queen of Pentacles has achieved a high level of financial security to support a prosperous and enjoyable life for all who stand to  benefit.   Finances are intelligently planned and nurtured, based on secure and sustainable investment which produces a healthy and continuous return.  Often this card is focussed on the needs of family and represents a person wishing to achieve an elevated financial position to nurture those they care for.  The Queen sits on her thrown and concentrates on the Pentacle held in her hands, reflecting her ability to nurture finances and provide a high degree of luxury and comfort for all around her. 

 King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is the pinnacle of wealth and prosperity, he signifies success in every financial sense.  He sits comfortably on his thrown and is lavished with symbolism reflecting financial abundance and generosity.  But this success comes at a price, it is difficult to get close tot he King because of the wealth surrounding him, and his degree of success comes with the responsibility of power.  In this context the King's wealth has become a burden that weighs him down.  The King of Pentacles is a showy character, he's a little over the top and can reflect someone who has become distracted by success and all its trappings. When the King is indicated in the outcome of any reading to do with finances, it provides a best case scenario in terms of financial success.   

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