10.08.18 - "Excellent reading.  You are very accurate and everything you said made perfect sense and brought clarity."

Thank you - A

26.05.18 - "...the reading was spot on. It went further to confirm my thoughts. Hope to have another reading later in the year. "

Warm Regards - H

 19.05.18 - "I had no idea what to expect and came open minded and left with a lot to think about. I wish I had your insightful abilities.  I expect we will meet again."


15.03.17 - "Oh my goodness - spot on.........Thank you very much indeed - and for the healing thoughts that always come with your readings too"


3.11.16 - "Wow thank you very much, that was one of the most profound reads, and it was much appreciated.....P.s. Will use again in future for a reading."

Kind regards, A 

07.10.16 - "I have consulted many people in the past but Tony has become my go-to advisor for both spiritual guidance and empowerment. He not only channels intuitive messages, but also points you in the right direction and helps you realize your own power to reach your goals and manifest the best life possible. Thank you Tony!"

Best, M

29.09.16 - "Wow...I'm still going over everything you said to me in my telephone reading. Can't wait to listen to the recording. You were so accurate from the second we started talking."

Thanks again, G

15.07.16 - "Thank you for your insights, I find them extremely valuable and helpful."......."thank you also for the encouragement to think big and follow what really matters."  


27.05.16 - "WOW! That was amazing, thank you"


26.05.16 - I have purchased another reading as I was very impressed with the last one you responded to.


26.05.16 - "Everything you said was spot on!" 

Thank you so much, R

18.03.16 -  "Well worth the wait. Thank you for a great reading. Spot on as always."

Kind regards, G

12.02.16 - "Thank you very much for the reading today. It was very meaningful to me and I think you are VERY gifted...." "I have had a lovely feeling ever since we spoke. Can’t quite describe it but I’m very grateful for it…peaceful might be a good word for it".  

Warmest - N

26.09.15 - "Just had an incredible reading with Tony. He immediately was able to tune in to the situation, and feelings/energies surrounding it. His warm, energetic and empathetic style gave me a much greater understanding of the situation and outcomes, as well as giving me perspective, strength and courage to move forwards. I would HIGHLY recommend a reading with Tony, friendly , professional and empowering!"


09.03.15 - "Thank you, a little insight is a gift in itself, taken on board what you have said and have already recommended you to my friends"


11.02.15 - "Yes you were spot on as usual"

Warmest - P

22.01.15 - "Thank you for the reading.  I think you are phenomenal and wish you all good things."

All my love - F

12.08.14 - "6 months later and I got the overseas job that you talked about. I feel certain that this is the right direction after the reading."

Regards - B

09.06.14 - "Thanks you so much for my fabulous reading today.  I have been buzzing all day and have so much more clarity about where I am going."

Will be in touch, love - G

25.04.14 - "Your reading has helped me to make a confident decision about which direction to take with both work and my relationship!"

Thanks so much - S

03.02.14 - You were right, everything you said would happen, did happen. Amazing!!

Love - S



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