Tarot Cards of Sex & Sexuality



The Devil is a sexually hedonistic card fuelled by lust and desire. When you think about spicing up your sex with something naughty and new, then you are moving into experience of the cards deeper sexual nature. Sexually speaking, anything goes with The Devil, the card unfolds your deepest fantasies and evolves your sexual vocabulary all for the sake of pleasure. 

The card often represents relationships based on denial, deception and oppression. This doesn’t always mean an unhealthy relationship, on the lighter side it could point to a bit of kinky fun, like tying up your partner in bed.  Either way, exploring your sexuality and experiencing pleasure is a positive experience, the point is not to become a slave to sexual impulse, as it can lead unhealthy sexual obsession.  




When we reach adolescence and become sexually active, we begin looking for a sexual partner.  Finding a sexual partner allows us to pair off and move out from our parents, a process that triggers our ability to make independent choices.

The Lovers is based on passion and intimacy, which bonds two people together in a relationship.  Unlike The Devil, where sexuality reflects hedonism and self indulgence, The Lovers represents two people coming together passionately to experience unity based on love.  In this context, sexual attraction brings two people together and during a climactic state of sexual union, they reach a moment of blissful oneness.  This unified experience is likened to a momentary state of liberation, bringing us close to God/Universe/Oneness.  


The woman in the card doesn’t use force to control the lion, she uses calming and loving energy, channelled by inner strength. Instead of reacting fearfully, she uses courage to face the situation. Rather than being a slave to base feelings, she transmutes her response.

Strength can reflect desires and sexual feelings that arise within us, this is a passionate card of animalistic desire. But there are time where these urges have the potential to distract us from the bigger picture, so we must learn how to control them. By controlling the strong feelings that arise, we can raise our energy and awareness towards a higher purpose, so that we can achieve a much greater potential.



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