Malachite soaks up plutonium pollution, and guards against all kinds of radiation.  It should be placed in the home of anyone who lives near a nuclear or natural radiation source.  Malachite also clears electromagnetic pollution, excellent to have around modern devices like computers or microwave ovens.  It absorbs negative energies in general and is considered a protective stone.   

Intuition & Imagination

Malachite can be used for scrying or to access other worlds, inner or outer.  It can assist in receiving insights from the subconscious or messages from the future.  Placed on the third eye, it activates visualisation and psychic vision.  Malachite goes to the core of a problem, enhancing intuition and insight, it's also an excellent aid to concentration and intellect.  


Malachite releases negative experiences and old traumas, bringing up suppressed feelings and restoring the ability to breathe deeply.  It clarifies emotions and allows recognition and release of negative experiences that one can’t recall.  Malachite brings intuitive answers to the forefront to response and subsequent action, it reveals insights and can be used for inner exploration.  It stimulates dreams and brings memories vividly to life.  Malachite provides important use for the support of healing and transformation processes of other stones.  It also stimulates heart and throat chakras. 


Malachite is a stone of transformation, assisting one in changing situations, and providing for the transfer of sacred information leading to spiritual evolution.  It strengthens ability to absorb and process information, makes you more observant, helps to understand difficult concepts and encourages risk taking and change.  Malachite draws out feelings and psychosomatic causes, breaks unwanted ties and outworn patterns, and teaches how to take responsibility for one’s own actions, thoughts and feelings.  



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