Tarot Cards of Love & Relationships

Tarot Cards of Love & Relationships

The suite of cups as a rule is about feelings, emotions, intuition, sensitivity, imagination, joy and peace.  In the context of a relationship, the cups allow the soul to receive love.   When you look at the essence of water it is an element that mixes, moulds and flows.  It  can run shallow or it can pool off into great depths.   This is how a relationship will run its course, a feelings can produce anything from a superficial flirtation to the most powerful experience of a love.

2 of Cups


The 2 of Cups can represent different types of relationships, such as a platonic or healing relationship, where there is great mutual respect.  Often it is symbolic of a deep, long lasting spiritual bond with another person, firmly anchored in love and romance.  The couple in the card have reached a state of balance and this reciprocal flow produces mutual growth, appreciation and loving unification.  They are unified by the caduceus and the lion, indicating healing and passion.

Page of Cups


The youthful quality of the page is symbolic of the light hearted potential of love, romance and relationships.  Often it will reflect sensual desires and fantasies but it can also point to messages of love and romance.  The Page of Cups also symbolises flirtation or meeting someone new, with the potential of romance and love developing.  In a relationship, the card is reflective of a lover who is young in age or at heart, or of a person who is highly desirable but emotionally clumsy when it comes to matters of love.   Most commonly, the card represents the potential of a new relationship opportunity.

Knight of Cups


The Knight of Cups is the idea of romance in full motion and is symbolic of a newly developed relationship based on love.  Even though the knight is more developed than the page, there is still plenty of room to mature, signifying love in its early stages as it moves towards a deeper, longer lasting commitment. The Knight holds his cup outward, indicating that he is ready to give and to receive from his heart.  His helmet mask is pushed back and his posture is relaxed, indicating that his defences are down as he moves more deeply into the experience of love. 

Queen of Cups


The Queen of Cups is a person with emotional understanding and has the ability to empathise with any difficult situation. This is a kind person with a calming influence who uses her love to connect, heal and nurture. The Queen has mastered her emotional self and directs both sensitivity and intuition with intelligence and awareness. Often she will be an intuitive mother, healer and lover. Like the King of Cups, the Queen is supportive, guiding and loves unconditionally… but importantly, she is trustworthy, honest and always indicates a life long partner.

King of Cups


The King of Cups signifies a wise and emotionally secure person. He is kind hearted, supportive, guiding and acts from controlled emotion rather than instinct. He is trustworthy and loves us for who we are, unconditionally. When the King of Cups appears in a reading, he always indicates a life long partner.

The King can sometimes appear uncomfortable with his emotional self because emotions are often perceived as feminine, which is at odds with the masculine energy of the Kings in general, who are all disciplined and controlled. However, underneath this is a man who is sensitive, mature and balanced in relation to love.

The Hierophant 


The Hierophant card represents the church, sacred institutions and also legal contracts. It is therefore symbolic of traditional practices that align with a code of rules and beliefs accepted on faith, such as marriage. In the context of a relationship, the Hierophant signifies traditional marriage or a formal and legal union between you and the person that you love.

The Lovers


The Lovers represents an intimate relationship based on love and passion. The card is one of unity, where two people come together and experience oneness during a state of climactic, sexual passion. The couple stand naked and vulnerable before each other, indicating the basis of mutual truth and honesty.

The resonance between the couple is driven by passion, but there is also a spiritual connection, symbolised by Archangel Raphael. The Lovers increases our understanding of our place in the world through a loving relationship, providing individual and joint development, as well as spiritual growth.



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