Tarot Cards of Happiness and Fulfilment

The Fool - Carefree


The Fool symbolises a person who has chosen to give everything up to live a free existence.  The Fool doesn't have a care in the world, he is free from material burden or any mental and emotional ties.  This is a new beginning free of any plans, a light weight existence allowing the spirit to soar.  The Fool has no idea where he is headed but trusts that he has tapped an inner truth that will guide him forward, leaving him free to live life in the moment and to pursue a road less travelled. 

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The World - Fulfilment of purpose


The World symbolises success, happiness and fulfilment at every level.  It reflects connectedness to all parts of what we are doing in our lives, and where we are present and at one with whatever we are focussed on at any given time.  The closed green wreath symbolises this holistic idea of oneness and the inner sense of satisfaction and completion that this brings.  Working towards our goals with holistic purpose provides happiness, fulfilment and inner peace.

The Empress - Fulfilling natural instincts


The Empress symbolises the fertility of Mother Nature, or of the maternal mother conceiving and giving birth to a child.  The Empress is the idea of life and growth, generating abundance in the physical world.  Often the Empress reflects the maternal urge to conceive and bear children, an innate need to fulfil motherhood.  The card express fruitfulness, a fertile abundance of anything produced by nature to its most satisfying end.

2 of Cups - Relationship fulfilment 


The 2 of Cups represents a deeply connected relationship which could be intimate or platonic.  Everything in the card is balanced, indicating both partners meet on honest, equal ground.  The number 2 reflects this balance, symbolising a harmonious connection that underpins not only happiness and fulfilment, but of great respect between the couple.  The winged lion symbolises a relationship with a deep sense of purpose and universal learning. The Caduceus placed between them highlights the interwoven and healing nature of this relationship.

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3 of Cups - Happiness & fulfilment through celebration


The 3 of Cups is one of the happiest cards in Tarot, a trinity expressing the importance of celebration and unity.  The three women are happily celebrating life as they up raise their arms to toast each other and life.  The 3 of Cups indicates a time to be carefree, to let go of work and worries as we celebrate with friends, family and the community in joy and harmony. Marriages, births, birthdays and any special occasion that promotes joy and happiness through celebration is reflected in the 3 of Cups.

King of Pentacles - Material happiness & fulfilment


The King of Pentacles has successfully fulfilled a life of material abundance.  The King of Pentacles is rather brash, he has been born into power and assumed a life of power and privilege.  However, the King of Pentacles is also a very generous individual who ensures all his subjects are healthy, happy and secure.  He symbolises a golden era of prosperity and good will based on a warm hearted, giving nature.  




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