Tarot Cards Of Difficult Passage



Our ego doesn't want to die, it resists the idea of death by creating a delusion that stops us from fully experiencing life.  However death clears away the old and makes way for the new and by accepting death we live to our full life potential.  The card symbolises a simulated death and rebirth, where our ego is tricked into experiencing a dreaded dissolution.  In essence, this is an experience that shocks us into confronting reality and unmasks what we've been refusing to confront head on.

This process allows us to clear away old habits and rigidity, making way for a new life to emerge.  Letting go is not easy, it is a difficult transition forced upon us, but when it happens, it fills our lives with profound change and much needed new growth.  

In a reading = Ending linked to a new beginning, profound change, hard truths, dealing with the stark reality of our situation, giving up old ways, out with the old and in with the new, rebirth, fear of letting go and giving up of old ways.


The Moon


The Moon represents our dreams, intuition and unconscious.  As our unconscious unfolds it manifests a burst of energy that charges us with unsettling feelings, imaginations and a heightened psychic sense.  The  Moon reflects the partial and hidden light of the sun, in the same way that the imagination reflects a distorted inner experience to the outer mind.

The excited unconscious rocks the layer of ego consciousness which serves to protect us from fear of the dark and distorting shadows that lay beneath.  But however disturbing these feeling and images are, we can't reach the light of the sun without passing them.  The Moon forces us to face our shadow self, a painful process of confronting our inner weaknesses and shortcomings. 

In a reading =  Feelings, emotions, unhappiness, sensitivity, psychic sense, excitable and active, feeling that something isn't right, pensive, deep, depressed, supernatural, introspective, fear of the unknown.

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