The sword is an emblem of action, indicating resolve and wisdom to find inner meaning.  Life requires us to make decisions but each decision can only be made once and can’t be revoked.  Therefore we are formed of actions that we have taken in the past; and we form our future by the actions we take now.   The scales represent perfect balance of past and future

True action arises from self-knowledge; wisdom arises out of action.  Wisdom doesn't arise spontaneously.  We must think about our lives if we wish to understand them but all thinking goes nowhere unless it develops out of clear vision of truth.   Justice indicates an understanding of that vision. 

The way to understanding lies in responsibility.  As long as we believe that our past lives just happen, then the past remains a mystery, and the future an endlessly turning wheel, empty of meaning.   Accepting responsibility liberates us from the past, otherwise we constantly repeat the past behaviour.   

In a reading: Free will judged by past actions, Seeing and accepting the past, Bringing things into balance,  Legal matters around you,  Actualising free will, Learning from the past, Absolute honesty, Judgement, Fairness, Assessing where you've come from and going to


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