9 of Cups


Hedonistic indulgences can give us a taste for the easy life and lead us into a state of denial, resulting in addictive behaviours.  After all, it’s all too easy to distract ourselves from the things we know we should be really doing.  Another piece of chocolate, another glass of wine, a little bit of something that makes us feel better but which pushes down our acknowledgement that we have more important things in life to be tending too.  

Before you know it our discipline to face the truth has been eroded and we actively avoid any the worry with superficial satisfaction.  This is a comfortable and safe position where we become arrogant if challenged, after all, we have everything we need to feel emotionally satisfied, so what’s the problem?  And why would we want to rock the boat, giving up these little pleasures brings no guarantees that we will ever feel better than this? 

At best, this is just some necessary down time to provide a healthy distraction from life’s challenges.  At worst, you are in a state of denial and at risk of becoming addicted to overindulgence. 

Negative = smug, complacent, compromised, one dimensional view, lack of integrity, superficial nature, untrustworthy, holding back, unwillingness, covering up, arrogence, defensiveness, addiction

Positive = sense of something missing, desire for fulfilment, realisation that life has more to offer

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