9 of Cups


Indulging in the physical pleasures of life is an easy way to mask the things we'd rather not face.  Another piece of chocolate, another glass of wine, a little bit of something that makes us feel better.  Before you know it, self-discipline is eroded and our focus is narrowed down to the consumption of hedonistic pleasure. 

This is a comfortable and safe position because we have everything we need to feel emotionally satisfied in an instant.  However, deep down we know this isn't right because we lack a sense of true fulfilment.  Suppressing this feeling will only delay the fact we need to look within to find the truth, as the effects of overindulging begin to manifest mentally and physically.....and spiritually.  


Negative = smug, complacent, compromised, one dimensional view, lack of integrity, superficial nature, untrustworthy, holding back, unwillingness, covering up, arrogence, defensiveness, addiction and overindulgence

Positive = sense of something missing, desire for fulfilment, realisation that life has more to offer


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